I really loved this First Aid Workshop. As a dog owner in Berlin I feel like this is almost mandatory! I highly recommend!! The information was clearly communicated with lots of opportunities for questions and conversations on key topics. I really appreciated the key facts being given to us in our take home goodie bag, so I didn’t have to overwhelm myself memorising everything. And finally, the demonstration dog was AMAZING! Absolutely made all the difference with how confident I will be if I ever have to do first aid on my own dogs, so thank you so much Paw à Peau for organising!

Eden M – February 17, 2024

It was a great value for money activity that I can highly recommend to any pet owner who wants to a solid foundation on recognising and checking health issues with their pets, and doing first aid if needed. The training covered all the essentials, and there were opportunities to practice on a dog to get a feel for various pet handling. The information itself was well presented, and the Vet did a great job at making the information accessible for a regular person. A final note: the group dynamic was friendly and open, so as well as gaining valuable knowledge, I got to connect with other pet owners to keep sharing knowledge about all things dogs in Berlin.

Helena V. – February 17, 2024

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